Tuesday, February 09, 2010

wrong mommy

We went to the library yesterday. We got our books and headed to the circulation desk. We got part way there and I realized that only Simone was behind me. I asked her what happened to Roen but she didn't know. He'd been trailing along behind us with his nose in a book, so I was baffled at his disappearance. We headed back toward the kids room to find him when I spotted Roen out of the corner of my eye -- walking out the door of the library! He was following another mom with a daughter who had a pink coat. We must've crossed paths and Roen followed the wrong one. I went running out of the library shouting at him. He still had his nose in his book. He was startled and embarrassed when he came back. I told him I did the same thing myself when I was about his age.


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