Saturday, May 01, 2010

Tooth Fairy Roen

Simone lost her first tooth today. She pulled it right out. She said it didn't hurt but it bled quite a bit. Seeing all the blood made her scream and scream. We went through two or three tissues. She finally calmed down and asked me over and over again if I was happy that she lost her tooth.

Roen was thrilled too because we all agreed he could be the tooth fairy for Simone today. He carefully plotted out a 9-step treasure hunt for her and added illustrations in case she had trouble with the reading. After she went to bed, he donned some purple wings that Grammy had made him. Then, he swapped out the tooth for the first clue in the treasure hunt and sprinkled Simone with fairy dust (glitter). He also sprinkled the clues with glitter too.

It was nice to see both kids so excited. Simone's excited she's going to be getting a big girl tooth and afraid she'll forget to look under her pillow in the morning. Roen was excited to be a tooth fairy for the first time. He liked being stealthy.


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