Saturday, October 16, 2010

information overload

While out shopping, Simone fell into conversation with an older woman and it sounded like she was getting the third degree on nutrition, gym, foreign languages, science, mathematics, etc. I thought Sim must have told the woman she was a homeschooler and the woman (clearly a teacher) was "checking" to see if she was reasonably educated. Simone entertained her with discussions on the differences between termites and ants, multiplication, the food pyramid, Greeks, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, sign language, Chinese languages and various gymnastic techniques. I sort of drifted nearby and listened to her talk. The woman had no idea Simone was homeschooled though, she was a retired first grade teacher and just wanted to know what Simone was studying and all of Simone's answers really impressed her so she wanted to know where she went to school. I told her we homeschooled and she was very supportive. Meanwhile, I walked by Roen and he whispered to me, "Simone is telling everybody everything again!" and resumed playing his video game. They are so different.


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