Monday, December 13, 2004

Our Christmas tree

On Saturday, we went to a tree farm and cut down our tree. Daddy held Ro at the top of the tree so he could look like an angel tree topper. Ro saw Grandpa do this to Sim, so he wanted to try it too. We set the tree up on Sunday afternoon and Ro started decorating it by setting all of his and Sim's toys on the limbs. Sim's rubber teething butterfly is currently our star. Then, he positioned his toys all around the tree to be presents. We spent a lot of time Sunday and Monday pretending to be presents ourselves, by wrapping up in blankets.

On Monday, Ro and I started decorating the tree for real. I made a bunch of abstract felt ornaments with Ro so we hung those and he loved it. I haven't made a star or angel for the top yet so the teething toy is still up there. Tomorrow, I think we're going to make some felt snowmen and maybe I'll get to the angel.

Speaking of snowmen, Ro has been reading lots of Calvin & Hobbes. I have no idea what he gets out of it, but he especially loves all the strips where Calvin has the snowmen doing something far out.


Blogger Tina*:) said...

Calvin and Hobbes are quite the entertaining ones!

Aloha, G!

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