Sunday, May 27, 2007

dinosaur mania

We have a big pile of dirt on our driveway from lots of yardwork that we've been doing. The kids have been loving it. Roen has especially loved it with his current dinosaur fixation. He's made a whole dinosaur museum out of dirt clods. I can even recognize the dinosaur types, which is suprising since we are talking about dirt clods here. He's got an apatosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and a slightly smaller allosaurus. Pleiosaurus is out there as well - although that's not really a dinosaur. It's in some other category of ancient sea creatures. Anklysaurus is his favorite.

Despite favoring herbivores, he talks about being a carnivore a lot and says things like, "Watch me crush ice with my powerful jaws." He was chasing another kid the other day declaring he was a predator and the other kid was his prey. It was pretty funny. The kids took turns playing predator tag.

His latest is pretending to be a fossil himself. He lays down in the sandbox and covers himself with sand. I then have to discover him and dig up all the bones. Drag him over to the patio (aka the museum), then put him together and set him up on display. He then strikes a variety of dinosaurish poses.

When he's not playing dinosaur, then he's drawing them. He draws great dinosaur skeleton pictures. Sometimes, he models them out of clay. Recently, he's tried building them out of Legos.


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