Friday, February 09, 2007

cigarettes are EVIL!!!

When I got Ro off the bus today, he immediately launched into how he and E were starting to make plans. "Make plans for what?", I asked. He answered," We're going to take away all the cigarettes from his mother and father because all they do is smoke. They have so many cigarettes. We're going to turn his mother's house into french fries and she won't be able to find them." He laughs like a mad scientist. Later, at my mom's house, he draws large cigarette destroying machines with long conveyor belts and big claw grabbers that will roll up to people's houses and get all their cigarettes, which will be collected and carried away by garbage trucks. It's a suprisingly well thought out machine for a five year old.

This is one of many cigarette related tales to come home in the last month. A new boy is on Ro's bus and they're good buddies already. However, the boy is clearly focused on ending the cigarette smoking of his parents. I did this when I was little too. I remember telling my grandmother her lungs were filled with black stuff and other bad things to get her to quit. Ro has adopted E's cause as his own. He's challenged people on their smoking in public. It's been kind of strange, because I didn't understand where all his vitriol was coming from for a few weeks. I had the boy and his mother over for a playdate that was quite pleasant but Ro was her son's mouthpiece and kept running out of his room to badger E's mother about her smoking. Because he's been doing this lately, I tried to stop him and I was apologizing like crazy. I didn't initially know she smoked. I thought he was just picking on her but then realized they were the source of the whole issue. It's all kind of funny to me now.


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cigarettes ARE evil, it really is true.

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