Tuesday, April 10, 2007

funny sayings

Roen: "I smell the good smell of butter."
Simone: "I can't. It's just very tasty." (upon being asked to stop eating her hair.)
Roen: (while thrumming and jumping up and down.) "Look, I can use myself as a banjo."
Simone: "Yours has dots. Yours doesn't have dots." (trying to describe the difference between carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.)

Simone: "I think you're like - old." (when she met her great grandmother.)
Roen: "How are you going to play tag with a walker?" (to his 92 year old great aunt)
Roen: "When you stand like that, you look like a little drop of honey." ( a compliment for mommy?)
Simone: (To Daddy) "You're not beautiful like mommy - you're old like grandma."


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