Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Simone is three

Simone wanted a pink star birthday, so I took her to the store and let her pick out pink napkins, pink utensils, pink plates, pink cups, and pink table clothes. I bought pink balloons and painted pink stars to hang for decoration. I also baked a lot of star cookies and a pink cake (strawberry), which was frosted with pink frosting and covered in pink frosted cookies. She was very satisfied with the level of pinkness and she wore a pink dress. Unfortunately, I was running around like a crazy person and forgot to take a picture of the pink patio party or the cake. I never have good pictures from the kids parties because I'm always too busy.

Her doctor kit is one of the kids favorite presents. She and Roen have been playing Doctor and sometimes "Nurses". Mom and Dad are their favorite patients but they also like working on their cardboard gingerbread people that they made back at Christmas. Roen's gingerbread boy always suffers from heart problems or "dirt in the ears". Simone is all about giving shots perhaps because she got one recently herself.

She also got a Matryoshka doll and a book about about a girl and lost matryoshka doll. It's turned out to be very appropriate as those dolls seem to end up all over the house. Roen tried to make his own matryoshka storm trooper out of stacking paper cups. I thought that was pretty clever.


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