Thursday, March 09, 2006


Ro has had a bit of a fixation with a little girl in his class. He's always telling me how much he likes her and how he wants her to come over and play. He would like to share his toys with her. He says she's nice and she's cute. The really hilarious thing is that he basically seems to ignore her in school and on the bus. He never says hi to her on the bus -- even if she happens to be conscious. She's typically asleep. When I've gone into class with him, he has never treated her any different than he treats his other classmates. Yet, he mentions her almost daily at home.

Then, he wanted to write her a letter. I was intrigued. What would it say? It said "Evelyn Dear I love you Roen". That's how he quoted it and I told him how to spell each word and each word is there but scattered mostly randomly all over the page so that you can't possibly figure out what it says without knowing. I thought he could just give it to her at school but he wanted stamps and an evelope and everything. The only problem was that I didn't have Evelyn's address. I called her mother but it was a work number and the fellow that answered made me feel nervous and the mother was gone -- so I never got it. Ro badgered me for a few hours about mailing the letter and then he totally forgot about it. He still goes on and on about her. It's really funny in an odd way. I guess I'll squirrel the letter away with his drawings. I'm not real keen on mailing it since I don't know the family at all.


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