Friday, January 14, 2005

pass the whisk

We had dinner together as a family tonight, which was wonderful because it's not something that we manage to do very often as the kids frequently need to eat before I have dinner ready for us. I gave Sim a whisk to play with and she eventually lost interest in it and then Ro took it and played with it. After awhile, he announced it was Mommy's turn and passed the whisk to me. I demonstrated whisking techniques and then it was Daddy's turn. Daddy pretended it was a microphone and sang a little la-la-la song and then passed it back to Roey. He sang all of "The wheels on the bus" and I was surprised because I didn't know he knew the whole song. Then, we passed the whisk around did lots and lots of singing with many variations of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Daddy did the beat poet version and I did the punk rock version, which made Sim stare at me like I was a crazy person. Ro thought our interpretations were funny and would mimic us. His squint eyed mimicry of Daddy's crooner style variation particularly had us in stitches. I especially like Ro's additional lyrics like "twinkle twinkle little cloud in the dark". We were all chuckling very much and it was just a nice way to wind down the day. I could see why people say its important for families to eat together. I hope to be able to manage it more often as the kids get older.

Also, I pretended Ro was a drum and drummed on his back. Then he wanted to be a violin, xylophone, a horn and some cymbals and I had to "play" him properly. He also sang more of other songs that I didn't think he knew. He always surprises me. Ninety percent of the time he seems to have no interest in music whatsoever but every once in awhile he's crazy for it. All those times he seems like he's not paying attention, he's really just soaking it all in.


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