Thursday, September 07, 2006

Weird Kid Things

campfire, originally uploaded by skweerell.

I've been tagged twice now, so I'll make one list for each kid but I won't be able to continue the tagging because I really suck at having a blog since having a second child. I never know if I'm going to blog again tomorrow or next month.

Five weird Roen things

  • Roen has been spending a lot of time under our couches. This morning, I got up and went down stairs. The living room was silent. Then, a small storm trooper marched out from under the couch and asked me if I wanted to go hunt for bad robots with him.

  • Ro also spends considerable amounts of time camping in his room. He sets up a tent and lots of blankets and everyone joins in, cars, robots, Mario, bionicle creatures, etc. The camp fire is my old paper star light pictured above. Ro especially likes to employ his light sabre for roasting marshmellows over it.

  • I told Roen that Daddy was going to mow our rather overgrown lawn. He was appalled. "Oh no! What about all the flowers?", says he. Then, he runs around and picks all the dandelions he can and then forgets about them five minutes later leaving them to wither on the driveway. I'm not sure how he perceives this as saving them.

  • Ro sometimes has absurd excuses for not wanting to play with friends, do his house jobs, or go to bed. The other day, he told a friend that wanted to play, "I'm too busy! I'm waiting for a magazine to come in the mail." It has that sort of "busy washing my hair" quality to it already and he's not even a teenager.

  • We have a betta fish named Jimmy. Ro makes up long drawn out fish songs and sings them to the fish. He wants me to do it too. I sing a Twinkle Twinkle little star version. "Twinkle Twinkle little fish. How you sparkle in your dish." etc. He accepts it but is now pressuring me for other remakes like Itsy Bitsy Fish, which will require more thought.

    Five weird Simone things
  • Sim was strangely shuffling down the hall with her little barefeet. I realized she was trying to walk while standing on puzzle pieces, so I asked her what she was doing. She hopped off the pieces and said, "My footprints!" I thought that was clever.

  • Simone's best "keep busy" hobby is peeling the paper off of crayons. In restaurants, she colors with crayons for about 30 seconds before asking to "Tear Paper! Tear Paper!"

  • Sim frequently walks around the house with a bucket over her head.

  • Simone's favorite game is called Squish the Cake. I fluff up our down comforter into a billowy puffy cake and then pretend to be a baker trying to keep her from squishing the cake (i.e. belly flopping on the cake). She can do this for ages.

  • When Sim sees anything Christmasy, such as Santa, Rudolph, a Christmas tree, she asks, "Is this jingle bells?" I kind of like it. I might tell everyone Happy Jingle Bells this year.


    Blogger Linda Rae said...

    Your kids are so funny, I love reading about them.

    My daughter when she was little refused to play with any toy we bought her & could often be found swishing a stick in mud.

    Now she sleeps in the living room, for no real reason. She also sweeps the kitchen floor everyday as soon as she gets home. She also watches the same movies everyday for several months now - The Goonies, Lost Boys and Stand By Me.

    2:37 AM  

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