Saturday, November 25, 2006

trophy wall

trophy wall
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Roen often rewards himself for his various accomplishments by making himself a trophy. The above picture shows the trophy wall in his bedroom. Most of the trophies are of the Mario theme. It really kills me how much he affirms himself and also others. He's always quick to tell me I'm doing well at something. If I made a good lunch for him, he'll tell me I did a good job cooking. He loves to cheer for Daddy while Daddy plays a video game.

Simone actually explodes affirmation. She's always telling me how much she loves me but she also compliments minor things too. The other day, she complimented me on putting an orange lid on the orange sippy cup. I don't usually bother trying to match the colors. I just throw the nearest lid on the cup. I thought it was so funny, that Simone thought I finally managed to get it right.


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