Thursday, November 23, 2006


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We had a lovely and peaceful Thanksgiving. I made the most delicious sweet potatoes ever and even Roen ate them. My mom got a fresh turkey right from a farm and it was sooo good even Roen ate it. Last year, Ro and Sim cried through Thanksgiving dinner and wouldn't eat any food. So, we've had a big improvement. After we were all stuffed, then we watched Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Then, my mom kept both kids and we got the rest of the day off. We were thankful indeed.

We worked on a paper thankful turkey for the last week or so. Simone and I made it's body and traced her hands and cut them out for wings. She's been a bit blah about crafts lately, so I was glad she enjoyed it. I think it was the googly eyes that sold her on it. Then, each day we added paper feathers to the turkey's tail with something for which we were thankful. Simone was thankful for the letter A, bubble bath, and candy. Ro's first feathers were for bacon and pigs. Then, ducks, toys, and games. I was really surprised by the ducks, pigs, and bacon but Ro is always full of surprises.


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