Sunday, September 09, 2007

School Daze

School has started and Ro is in the first grade now. He's on the bus just after 8 AM and gets home again at a little after 3 PM. This seems like a ridiculously long school day but he is REALLY enjoying it. The highlight of his day seems to be having lunch at school. He bought pizza in the cafeteria on Friday and thought that rocked. In general, he likes first grade much better than kindergarten. I think he really enjoys the variety of going around the building more because has a special every morning which is either gym, music, art, or library then lunch and of course recess. He has Health every other week. Gym is now twice per cycle so he really loves extra run around time. He thinks art class is pretty amazing too.

I'm kind of at a loss in the afternoons. I miss him a lot. He's happy though so that makes it a bit easier for me.

Simone started preschool last week and was the only kid in her class not to cry. She loves structured activities so she is thrilled to be there. I was sad her first day but she was so happy that I know it will get easier for me. She asks to go to school daily, so clearly it's already really easy for her.


Anonymous Thiago Xavier CorrĂȘa said...

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Blogger Linda Rae said...

Aww, it's always hard when the babies go off to school!

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