Sunday, January 16, 2005

Sim so pretty

As Daddy got Sim ready for her bath last nigh, Ro sat by her and told her that she had "pretty eyes, pretty hair, pretty ears, pretty mouth" and so on as he patted all of her parts. It was so sweet. He's so good to her. We really couldn't have gotten a better big brother. She adores him too. He always gets her biggest smiles and she just thrives on his attention. She loves to be walked where we hold her hands and let her toddle along. No matter where we are in the house, she always heads for Ro's room to see what he's up to. He's always encouraging her too and seems so happy/proud of her when she manages to do something new. It's really great.

When I was still pregnant with Sim, I asked this mom of two how hard having two little ones was and she said it was really hard sometimes but when you saw your children starting to have positive interactions with each other that it all felt worth it. I totally agree. It makes me feel so happy to see how kind Ro is to her.


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that is too sweet :)

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