Friday, July 15, 2005

Buzz buzz buzz

Ro is sooooooo intensely into buzz lightyear right now that it's starting to drive me a little batty. He basically flips between intense episodes of Thomas the tank engine and Buzz. Thomas has been in the forefront, especially since we went to Day out with Thomas in May. He doesn't play with the trains so much anymore. He mostly wants act out the stories and be Thomas himself. He likes to be Thomas when he rides his tricycle and I draw tracks in chalk on our driveway and sometimes tie cardboard boxes to the back of the tricycle to be Annie and Clarabel. Alternatively, he drags our plastic sleds around the yard, which is kind of fun. We have three and the blue one is Thomas of course. He also uses our woodstove to be thomas and our two couches are Annie and Clarabel. He then opens and closes the flue to start and stop the train and stands on chair to see how the window and tell me if there's a cow on the track, etc.

But these days, it's mostly Buzz, buzz, buzz. Sim is always XR, a robot sidekick. In fact Ro, calls Sim by XR so much she now responds to the name. Worse yet, Sim pointed at Ro this morning and said, "Buzzy". sigh. I'm usually Mira Nova, a female partner -- or Zurg, when we need a bad guy. I don't mind playing space rangers but it's soooooo relentless. I feel like Ro requests playing space rangers every 10 minutes. Usually it's the traditional sort of themes like capturing bad guys and taking them to jail or fighting Zurg. Occasionally, it ventures into more random stories like Buzz decorating his Christmas tree or Buzz suddenly helping Zurg resolve a home repair problem.


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