Thursday, July 14, 2005

fire flies and books

Ro saw fire flies for the first time tonight. He was entranced. They really are wonderful and we have so many in our backyard. I remember when I used to squish their abdomens off and put one on each fingernail so my hands would glow. I think that's so horrible now. No one in my family ever discouraged that sort of thing. I'm definitely not going to let my kids do anything like that.

Book reading is part of our bed time routine because we love books and Ro loves books. Recently, he seems unsatisfied with the level of stories we've been reading, so he points at different characters and wants me to make them talk. For example, Go Dog Go, which is a simple book that Ro still likes but apparently finds it lacking in depth. So, he demands that I give each dog a different voice and make them say what they might be thinking in each page. I like dramatizing the books for him but reading one book can suddenly become very long when you have to make a hundred dogs talk. This has spread over into so many other things now -- even watching videos. He's always demanding, "Talk Dog!" or "Talk Snowman!" or whatever we're reading or watching - even if they're talking already


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