Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sun coming up?

Ro is really hung up on where the sun is right now. Is it coming up or is it going down? He isn't terrible about going to bed but he never wants to go especially as we're approaching summer equinox and the evenings are so light that he can't fall asleep too well. He's always asking Is the sun coming up? Especially toward evening, I think he just wants reassurance that there's still plenty of playtime left.

Since having kids, I've gotten really interested in the process and development of problem solving skills. I really enjoy seeing how they find solutions to a problem. For example, Ro stepped into a puddle because he loves to make footprints. Then, realized that the pavement was damp and so his footprints wouldn't show up. He then spotted dry ground about 20 feet away, so he hobbled over there on his heels in order to preserve the water on his feet, so he could make satisfactory footprints on dry ground. That one really killed me.


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