Monday, July 04, 2005

fireworks are broccoli -- I mean sparkly

We went out to see the fireworks tonight. Ro seemed to enjoy them although he enjoyed the playground and playing with some little friends even more. The loud bangs scared Sim at first but then she got into it and would point and say "Whadat?", which she says all the time now. Every time a firework went off, Ro would say, "look! it's broccoli!" I couldn't figure out what he was on about. The associations he makes are very strange sometimes. Ro sees life as a Rorshach ink blot test though. He's always pointing at blobs on the sidewalk or spills of water and telling me what they are with surprising detail. So, relating fireworks to broccoli wouldn't have been totally off the wall for him. Eventually, I realized he was saying "look, it's sparkly! but it sounds a lot like how he says broccoli. I think I'll ask him if he can say sparkly broccoli five times fast.


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