Sunday, July 03, 2005

Walking changes

Sim is still not really walking. Just little bits here and there. Ro's been helping her which is sweet. However, he helped her escape the house on Friday and I about fainted. I told Ro I'd take him to the children's museum but I had to go to the bathroom and make them some drinks first. When I came out of the bathroom, they weren't in the living room and so I went in the kitchen. They weren't there either. I made a cup and checked Ro's room. No kids. I started getting a little panicky so I bolted out the door and there is Sim sitting in the driveway and Ro standing by the car waiting to go to the museum. I don't know how Ro got her out there. He can't walk her well enough that she wouldn't have fallen on the steps, so she must've crawled. Which means he held the house door open for her and the screen door on the breezeway. sigh.

He's actually treating her a bit differently since she started trying to walk. Now, he sees her as a real kid. I really thought this is when he would start being annoyed with her but he actually seems to like her even better. They played so well together today -- actually all week, but today in particular. They played cars in the dirt. Ro jumped off the couch and pretended to fall on the floor over and over just for Sim's amusement. He wanted her to ride on the sled with him while I dragged them around the yard. He wants to make sure Sim gets a snack when he gets a snack. It's really awesome. I just have to keep Sim away from the train in his room because that will make him freak out. Not just Sim -- but anyone.

Ro is even turning to Sim for comfort. Today, we went out for ice cream but we took too long getting ready. Ro has no patience when ice cream is involved. So, a tearful Ro ran to Sim saying, "Simone, I'm crying. I want ice cream." She peeped at him and gave him a fire truck she was holding and he thanked her and it really made him feel better. He carried the truck until we got to the ice cream place. Ro's been able to stop Simone from crying a few times. It's nice to see it work the other way around.


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