Friday, July 08, 2005

The crazy and the stupid

Every time I tell Roey that he's going to be a man when he grows up, he gets really annoyed and says he's going to be Roey when he grows up. Today, I tried a different tack and we told him that Daddy was once a little boy and then he grew up to be a big man. Ro's response was awesome. He said, "No! That's crazy. I don't like it." Ha ha ha. He really thinks being a man is absurd.

I've been wondering when Ro would start to use words like "stupid" or "dumb" or other things that kids say to each other. He hears them all the time on the playground but they've mostly gone over his head. However, I heard him say "stupid dog" while acting out some scene with his train set. He was playing by himself and I didn't say anything but I was surprised. I know kids younger than him who say it, so it took him awhile to pick it up. Today, he called Sim, "Stupid Simone", when she wouldn't leave his room. He hates it when she's in his room stepping on things. She steps on things on purpose. It's one of her odd little quirks. Ro freaks when she steps on his train pieces. Anyhow, Daddy made him apologize. I'm kind of worried he made too big of a deal out of it. Sometimes it's better to be more neutral and not draw too much attention to something.

Sim is walking for real now and only crawling intermittently. She seemed to have some sort of walking epiphany on Wednesday. She's also starting to stake her claim on things more. She was happily playing in the sandbox, when she saw me put Ro in the swing. She instantly burst into tears because she LOVES the swing. She cried at the park the other day when I didn't take her on the swings. I didn't see them until we were about to head out. She was so sad. She kept crying and pointing at them.


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