Thursday, June 09, 2005

first steps

Sim took her first steps Wednesday. I was really surprised because she doesn't seem quite stable enough for walking yet. She was looking at a toy and so let go of the chair. She stood for a bit and then turned and took four steps to reach me like she'd been doing it forever. Since then, she's stuck to cruising or hand holding and hasn't attempted to solo walk at all.

While I was getting her ready for bed last night, I was asking her to make various animal noises. She's definitely got oinking, barking, and meowing down pat. Instead of meowing though, she crawled over to a pile of books and rummaged around until she found Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see? Then, she waved it at me to come read to her. We always do animal noises with that book and she LOVES it. But this was the first time, I've seen her do something based solely off conversation with no visual cues. So cool!

Sim is a week away from turning one. I haven't really decided if we're going to do anything for her birthday or not. I feel like we have to so Ro will see she's treated the same as him. Also, It's hard to figure out what to buy for a one year old, since they don't really have developed tastes yet. Sim would truly enjoy several boxes of kleenex and a few boxes of Q-tips to play with but no one wants to get her that -- and I don't really want to pick up after her. She's got plenty of clothes for the summer. She doesn't like dolls or stuffed animals much. I'm not sure what her interests are yet -- beyond whatever Roen is playing with and general exploring.


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