Sunday, June 05, 2005

paper selves and batteries

Ro's nursery school ended this past week, so he brought back some of his artwork that had been hanging up in the classroom. One piece is a body tracing of himself that he then painted as a "self-portrait". He's been pointing it out to me at school for weeks. So, he's happy to have it home. He's been dragging this rumpled life-size paper doll around all day and feeding it dinner, addressing it by name (his name, so we have two Ro's now), tucking it into bed, reading it stories, and giving it cars to play with. It's so cute.

Simone said Thank you (tank ya) yesterday when I handed her a snack. She was copying her brother. He was just as impressed as I was and said that, "Simone can talk. She's all fixed". Then, while he was listening to her jabber this morning, he announced she would talk better if we'd give her some new batteries. (snicker)

When he said that, it made me think of his My Little Blue Robot book, which is a book that lets you build a robot and learn shapes and body parts. However, it just made Ro want to know where his power supply was. He was hoping he had one on his back like the robot.


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