Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Wise beyond her months

may, originally uploaded by skweerell.

Sim is 11 months old but will be One year old on the 17th. I took this picture of her in our front yard and it made me laugh because she is sitting as if she were older and really posing but really she's just leaning on my leg.

Sim's learning to do so many things like wave bye-bye and give kisses. All the colds we've had this year have given her the unusual ability to blow her nose already. She'll also spit things out on command, which is good but also a pain because she puts things in her mouth so I'll tell her to spit it out. (sigh) She especially likes to play this game with mulch.

She can oink (or grunt rather) like a pig and also say "Ahhhhhh!" after a nice sip of tea. She loves tea. She's also learning to blow because she can see that it's useful for dandelion puffs and bubbles and food that's too hot.

She's a sweetie.


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