Friday, September 15, 2006

A pox on you - or maybe a goose bump.

Ro has been randomly anouncing that he has chicken pox for the last few weeks. I think he first heard the term back in March when I got Shingles (Chicken Pox redux) and has ever since confused it with getting goose bumps. He's been bothered by goose bumps for quite awhile now too. Whenever he got goose bumps, he used to say, "Oh no! My hair is growing!" and then have a sort of mild freak out.

You can tell when Ro gets goose bumps because he stops whatever he is doing and just stares at his arm or the affected area. Instead on commenting on hair growth, he says, "Oh no! I have chicken pox!" It's fun when he announces it in public because everyone within earshot suddenly turns to stare at us. Having an audience makes me want to say, "Oh no honey that's not chicken pox. It's the Bubonic Plague." But, I just assure him it's only goose bumps.


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