Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mouse Soup

I find our evening routine exhausting sometimes. It's hard to get the kids to stop playing and get in the bath. It's helpful if I can figure out a way to transition them into the bath with play. I did this yesterday with Mouse Soup. I was tiger chasing the mice (the kids) around and then I'd catch them and eat them up. Then, they'd run off again. I started the bath last night and let it run very slowly and I caught the kids and told them I was going to make soup out of them. Then, I put them in the bath and gave them big kitchen spoons to stir the soup with. Then, we added spices (packets of Aveeno Oatmeal bath) and stirred it up. Then, I'd taste the soup and say it was yucky and pour some Epsom salts on the kids and in the bath. They'd laugh and stir up the soup. All of our foam bath toys were onions and potatoes and other soup veggies. They had so much fun. They play Soup Shop a lot now and make me bowls of yucky soup in some toy drums we have for the bath.

Mouse Soup is also the title of one of my favorite Arnold Lobel books.


Blogger Linda said...

I see where your children get their cre8tivity :)

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