Wednesday, October 11, 2006

little bunny fufu

We've been singing a lot of Little Bunny FuFu around here. I got a version off iTunes that the kids really love. Ro is really into adaptation so we always change things. One of the many versions of Little Bunny FuFu is Little Daddy Fufu, who was going through the house bopping his children on the head when down came the Good Mommy and she said .... "Little Daddy Fufu, I don't want to see you ..." The kids REALLY love it -- especially when we take turns acting it out.

Ro also told us a nice adaptation of the Three Little Pigs. His version was the Three Little Mud Cars and the Big Bad Monster Truck. The trucks lived in a wood house, a plastic house, and finally a metal house. They always said, "Not by the windshield of my Chinny Chin chin!" and the Monster truck would smash, and crash, and dash their house in. At the final house, the Monster Truck just banged and clanged into it. It was his nicest, most consistent story yet. He has followed it up with other variations such as the Three Little Trains and the Big Bad Cement Mixer.


Blogger Linda Rae said...

hmm i am surprised ro didn't put them in a garage ;)

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