Monday, January 17, 2005

All the world's an igloo

igloo, originally uploaded by skweerell.

Ro loves snow and snow related things such as igloos, snowmen and sleds. Besides playing in it, he even likes looking at the Inuit diorama at the science museum, which shows the eskimos with their igloo, sleds and mighty huskies. Anyhow, he built an igloo at preschool on Thursday that totally blew me away. His teacher helped him of course but he stuck through with it until completion. The other kids had like 5 or 6 corn starch blobs stuck to their cardboard. Not even a partial wall. I was staring at them trying to figure out what the day's project was when Ro suddenly whipped out his huge igloo. I was shocked because it was complete and because none of the past craft projects have really grabbed Ro. He probably spends less time at the craft table than any other kid -- until this igloo project came up. Then, he was the last to leave.

Little kids are all really into their particular things. It might be trains or the alphabet or drama or whatever. If you can tap into their interests, then they can accomplish amazing things even at the tender age of three. Since building the pictured igloo, he's been on an igloo rampage using pillows and blankets to construct igloo forts every day for the last five days. It's great -- but messy. In his despair at the lack of snow outside, he even made pillow snowmen. I'll have to put up a picture of them as well. They're so funny.

He was so happy when it snowed last night. He kept jumping up and down saying "Hooray Snow! Hooray Snow!" and then he was out in 12 degree weather for an hour just shoveling and dragging his sled to make tracks. He thinks the fun part is pulling the sled -- like a husky. So yeah - this week I'm having visions of him as a future Iditarod competitor.


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i'm enjoying your new blog so much. i really love the multi colored igloo.

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