Sunday, May 01, 2005

construction paper! baby on the move!

Ro's sunday school teacher offered him a sheet of "construction paper" yesterday in class. He was really intrigued. "Construction Paper! WOW!" I avoid the term,construction, when discussing colored paper because I know he thinks construction involves lots of yellow vehicles moving dirt. So, before he got disappointed, I quickly tried to explain it was just your usual colored paper but come people called it construction paper because you could make things out of it. Construct being another word for make or build. blah blah blah blah blah..... I think my commentary goes over his head. It didn't matter though. He wasn't in any way disappointed. He grabbed a pencil and set about drawing wheels, which I eventually realized were parts of a construction vehicle of some sort. He drew a front loader and then a dump truck and finally a crane. You can tell what the dump truck and crane are but the front loader is a little obscure unless he tells you what it is. Now, I guess he thinks construction paper is for drawing construction vehicles. I'm so weirded out that he can draw as well as he does -- when he hardly ever does it. He only picks up a pencil/marker/crayon maybe twice a month at best -- but every time he does something coherent and not just scribble. He drew Calvin and Hobbes a few weeks ago.

Sim is on the move. Today, she scared me. I was playing with her on the floor and I got up to go sit by Ro and when I glanced where I had left her on the floor, she wasn't there. I scanned the room and didn't see her at all. I was feeling a mite alarmed when she peeped at me to let me know she was standing right next to me. She'd pulled herself up to standing using the couch, which is a first. She's been toying with it for about a week. She's been able to pull up for quite awhile but she wouldn't do it on anything but a hand or an arm for some reason.


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