Friday, April 22, 2005

bees and x-rays

Ro's suddenly really into playing bee -- usually at breakfast. Sometimes he just wants to sting me. Other, times I swat the bee who gets hurt and needs a doctor. I also require a doctor's services after a sting. Other times, he wants to play family where each of my fingers is a different bee to talk too. It's a funny little game. It drives me a bit nuts though sometimes because it's at breakfast and I'm not much of a morning person. I would normally slump over a cup of tea in silence but with kids I have to be a happy bee first thing -- without the full aid of caffeine. It's a strain sometimes to be something you're not.

I took Ro to the hospital today to see the developmental group about his speech. I thought he'd be interested since he's been playing doctor so much lately but he went into instant temper tantrum mode. I managed to calm him down by promising we wouldn't be seeing any doctors. He asked if there would be x-rays or shots and I said no. He calmed a bit and it became his mantra. "No doctor, No x-ray, No shot" and he chanted it all the way to the hospital. I felt terrible listening to him try to calm himself but it worked more or less. He freaked out again when we got called back but calmed down again pretty quick. I realized that a lot of his pretend play revolving around doctors and bees is him trying to master his fears in these areas. He really hates doctors and is quite terrified of bees. He's very cautious of flying insects.


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