Saturday, April 16, 2005

Happy flowers

I really like age three because Ro says such funny things. Today, he was peddaling furiously up and down the driveway and I was laying in the grass looking at my crocus flowers. Ro asked what I was doing and I told him that I was looking at the flowers. Then, he told me that the flowers were happy and also that they needed a hug. I was surprised so I asked him to hug them but he wouldn't. He told me I had to do it but I told him that I didn't know how to hug a flower so he should show me. He just laughed and peddaled off again though.

Roen loves Richard Scarry books. He can pore over all the details for hours. Daddy liked them when he was a kid too but I was always indifferent. I never really liked Lowly Worm. It bothered me that he wore a shoe. Ro seems to really like Lowly, Huckle and Bananas Gorilla. He brings up Lowly in conversation quite often. Anyhow, I was weeding my pathetic garden when I looked over at Ro and found him stuffing a worm in the cab of one of his trucks. He was trying to get it to sit on the seat and drive but the worm wasn't too cooperative. He kept falling into the engine. Strangely, Lowly never seemed to have that problem.

Sim's favorite book is Pat the Bunny. I had to buy another copy because it was Ro's favorite book as well and he decimated it. I still have it but I felt Sim deserved a fresh copy. I could get Ro to peek-a-boo, wave bye-bye, etc. but I could never get him to smell the flowers. He'd just stare at me blankly and push the book away. I figured it was because the flowers didn't really smell so good. They're sort of artificial baby powdery smelling but Sim likes to smell them because she likes to copy me. I love hearing her make little snuffing sounds.
Sim stood on her own today -- three times.
She also made me kiss her about 20 times before I put her to bed. She mushes her face into mine so I'll kiss her a lot. She's so sweet sometimes.


Blogger Christine said...

I've always been more of a Goldbug fan myself. My mother got Owen a copy of that book when he was born and I ended up spending almost half an hour looking for Goldbug.

I was much more disturbed by Lowly's hat than shoe.

9:05 AM  

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