Thursday, April 07, 2005

Star-belly sneetches and Dr. Spoon

star-belly, originally uploaded by skweerell.

Ro saw a Dr. Seuss video with The Sneetches in it and now we have a huge, long star-belly "machine" made of sticks in our backyard. You have to run and hop down the machine (the chain of sticks) in a certain way and then you get the star at the end. He spent ages carefully aligning and balancing sticks and setting up how the sticks would go around this tree in our yard. You can see him contemplating part of the "machine" in the picture. It reminded me a bit of artwork by andy goldsworthy.

Ro also played a funny dentist game at breakfast. He's still a bit fixated on the dentist. I portrayed the dentist using a spoon. While Ro, playing the patient, would hop a fork over to me for a visit. The spoon would throughly look at the fork's teeth and clean and x-ray them as necessary. We'd do this over and over with slight variations. When the fork was a good patient, I'd give him a balloon and a sticker. Ro brought the fork back for another visit but this time the fork was crying. "Balloon gone, sticker gone, teeth gone." Teeth gone! I'm not sure where he got that one from. Then I had to pretend to make dentures for a fork. It was great.


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