Saturday, April 23, 2005

mail man, bee, crab, santa, doctor, pirate, and more

cleanspaceman, originally uploaded by skweerell.

I miss being a kid sometimes. I realize Ro spends the better part of his day being someone or something else. It's all over the board now. First, he's a germinating flower that needs water to grow, then he's a mailman sorting letters, then he's a bee who wants to sting everyone, then he's Santa wrapping presents, then he's a doctor helping someone whose hurt, then he's a crab wanting to pinch things or have bigger crabs chase him. Then, he's a pirate sailing his cardboard box and then I'll hear him off mumbling something about putting gas and oil in his rocket so then I know he's a spaceman. I don't know how he keeps it all straight anymore.

He's heavily into the mail man at the moment. He drags on of our laundry bags around the house and stuffs it full of stuff and then goes on his round making deliveries. Our house is a mess like never before. Stuff is everywhere.

Sim is getting into the pretend games too. Today, she pretended to feed Daddy, which was a suprise because babies tend to mimic a bit but they don't usually pretend spontaneously. She was sitting in the living room but picking up "food" in one hand, passing it to the other and then feeding it to Daddy. I've never seen a baby do anything like that before. I can only assume it's Ro's influence. I also noticed that she pretend feeds herself when she's hungry. She'll snatch something out of the air and put it in her mouth and pretend she's chewing. It's really odd. I hope she pretends as much as Ro. She certainly loves books just as much as he does. I'm so happy to have two little bookworms.

Oh yeah, the picture is of Ro dusting Simone with our feather duster during family cleaning time. It really made her laugh.


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