Sunday, May 08, 2005

happy mother's day

Daddy got me a nice sketchbook, pencils, pens, and a neat pencil box for mother's day. We've made a pact of sorts -- to start drawing again --- and drawing regularly. I really need to do it at least a few times per week but I have no idea how we'll fit it in with everything else going on.

We went to my mom's for mother's day lunch. Sim was tearful most of the way there, so Ro held her hand and talked to her and it calmed her down and she went to sleep. It was great. She adores him. He's still being sweet to her but it's a lot harder now because she's mobil and getting into his stuff. She wants to do what he's doing. She also wants to touch him all the time - preferably slap at him, tug his clothes, or pull his hair. He is not thrilled. He feels a bit hounded these days.


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