Thursday, July 28, 2005

sianara, buy some lunch

I was teaching Ro different ways to say goodbye. Adios, Ciao, "See You Later, Alligator", "After awhile, Crocodile", Auf Weiderzein, etc. Ro was repeating me. Then, I said Bon Voyage and he said "Buy Some Lunch".

Sim is really into books. And, she really likes to sit in people's lap, so she's taken to toddling up to family members and then doing a sudden about face to sit down immediately in front of them to be in the right position for someone to read to her. I think it's funny that she just expects it. Her current favorites are more animal sounds and vocabulary type books. She's not really into any proper stories yet - nothing more complicated than some Dr. Seuss silliness.

Ro had his four year old check up today and he was so scared. He spent half an hour telling me how scared he was of the doctor. I was expecting some outbursts at the office but when we got there he did fine and was cooperative -- even for his shot. He got his band aid and his lollypop and then said, "That was fun". So much drama and it was no big deal.


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