Wednesday, July 20, 2005

This week...

Ro told me he wanted to grow up to be Santa Claus with a big white beard and everything. He's so obsessed with all things xmas, that it might not be a bad idea.

Ro spent half an hour putting on a dinner time show for Sim including throwing a dish towel and dancing little train magnets around for her. She laughed so hard and they had such a good time.

Ro built a blockade to keep Sim out of his room in order to keep her away from his geotrax trains. When she got through the blockade, he didn't get mad. He just guided her over to his book boxes and got her focused on those so she wouldn't touch his trains and it worked. very clever.

Sim saw a large stuffed cow (as in stuffed animal not some unfortunate taxidermist creation) and said, "Cow!" even though it was lying on the floor on top of even larger stuffed cows. She's only seen illustrations of cows in books so I thought it was funny she recognized it. The cows were insanely expensive. The great dane sized stuff cow being $300 and they got larger and pricier from there.

We took the kids to Petsmart to kill some time and look at the fish, etc. Sim saw a kitten for the first time. She was so happy and thrilled until it walked toward her. She let out this blood curdling scream and tried to leap backwards away from it. Took like five minutes to calm her down.


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