Thursday, August 25, 2005

less monstrous and more cute

From about the time Sim turned one in mid-June until a few weeks ago, she has basically driven me NUTS!!! She apparently had about eight weeks of teething hell or something. I'm not sure. I felt like she cried and cried and I had to carry her around all day and everything was worth a good bout of tears. Plus, she fell down on her well padded bottom about 20 times a day and each one of those events made her cry plus crying about other stuff added up to lots and lots of crankiness and crying. I thought I was going to go MAD!!!! However, she's gotten a lot more manageable and cute again. evil baby teeth - a menace of motherhood.

So --- I can now write nice things about her again rather than complain. Sim is currently really into ring around the rosy. She'll do it about as long as she can convince someone to do it with her. Ro taught her originally and he'll do it with her almost daily.

She's also really into trying to do the handmotions to songs too. She loves itsy bitsy spider. She can't do the real motions yet but she waves her hands around and makes sing-song noises. She makes up handmotions for other songs too which mostly involve more arm waving and then touching her pointer fingers together, which I find terribly funny.


Blogger Tina said...

Tyler (nephew) is doing this now too. Crying constantly and stuffing his hand in his mouth. I hope my sis can get through it, along with the stress of their move back to rochester. I think I'd go over the edge!

3:36 PM  

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