Saturday, August 06, 2005

spider capture

Ro got a bug viewing jar as a late birthday present. I was quite pleased with it because I like bugs but Ro doesn't share my enthusiasm really. So, I used a stick to knock a spider out of it's web and into the jar. Ro was really interested in it. He seemed to like looking at bugs as long as they were safe in the jar. So much so, that he whipped through breakfast Saturday morning and ran out in the backyard to play. We were still drinking tea and watching him idly through the windows. Then, I saw him throw down a stick and run off with the bug jar in his hand. I went out and was totally shocked that he'd managed to catch his own spider and get it in the jar with the lid on without hurting it or anything. It was a pretty large garden spider too. I would've never done that at his age.


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