Monday, August 01, 2005

naughty sim, pillow skiing, and other randomness

Ro continues his winter play. He covered the whole living room floor with blankets and pillows in order to make snow. Then, he stuck his feet into two of my couch pillows to be his skis and spent about 20 minutes repeatedly leaping off the sofa. Then, he wanted Buzz and Zurg to have a snowball fight and then play with penguins and baby polar bears.

His Buzz play has been changing slowly. First, it was sort of cut and dry good guy/bad guy. Now, he likes to help Zurg after he's defeated him and then befriend him. Then, Buzz and Zurg go on adventures together and Zurg isn't bad anymore. This week, it's all about being a victim and requiring a lot of medical assistance to recover.

Tonight, I undressed Sim for bath time and she toddled out of the bathroom and into Ro's room. Ro blocked his train set so Sim couldn't get to it. While he was telling her to not touch the trains, she peed on the floor. Ro was speechless. Then, he said,"Simone, you're naughty!" and demanded a towel. I was in stitches.

I've been putting Ro and Sim in the truck cart together when I go grocery shopping. Mostly they're fine until Sim drops her cookie. Ro usually still has his so Sim starts flailing and thwacking him trying to grab it. It's funny to watch them. Sim just can not keep hold of her cookie. She seems to crumble it to bits and then drop the pieces everywhere. Their interaction goes like this.
Sim: **Thwack**
Ro: No!
Ro: Stop Simone!!!
Sim: **thwack, thwack**
Ro: Gentle Simone!
Sim: AAAAAAH! **Thwack**
Ro: Be nice, Simone!!!
Sim: **Thwack, thwack**
Ro: Be nice!
Sim: **Thwack**

Mommy has learned to only give Sim half of her cookie at once now to protect Ro from cookie attacks. Our last trip to the store went smoothly and Sim rested her head on Ro's shoulder most of the time and they had a lot of fun.


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