Friday, August 05, 2005

anthropomorphize everything!

Back when Ro didn't really say much, people always said," Just you wait, once he starts, he'll talk all the time and then you'll want him to shut up." About a bazillion different people said that to me and I was always appalled. Ro is now four and he does talk non-stop and it does drive me crazy sometimes but not when he talks and asks questions. Mostly, it's his demands for me to talk that are driving me nuts, because he basically wants me anthropomorphize everything in the whole world from his napkin to the food we're eating to his little sister. I have to pretend to be cooking bacon and say what the bacon might be thinking, so Ro can converse with the bacon. It's really gotten especially hard since he's gotten so focused on Sim and he wants me to be the Voice of Sim. I think this is absolutely wonderful and I'm glad he cares what Sim is thinking and that he wants to have frequent conversations with her but it's so tiring to try to think for other things all the time. My brain is fried by the end of the day after I've attempted to personify the rug, bacon, the toilet, water, spiders, my daughter, and a million toys. I thought the most useless class I took in college was drama and here I am wishing I paid more attention. I find it difficult to find my character's motivation when my character is a paper towel. Ha! That would've really challenged my drama teacher. Pretend you're paper towel soaking up bacon grease. How does it feel? Why do you do it? Be the paper towel.


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