Friday, August 12, 2005

Thomas, memory, and retching

Thomas (the tank engine) goes on the back burner for awhile but then he suddenly becomes Ro's favorite toy again, which I find quite strange. One thing that's different is that he now "travels" to the island of Sodor and then he returns home again. His play with them is about the same but the travel bit interests me because I know he got it from seeing Thomas and the magic rail road (the world's worst movie) about a year ago... but it hasn't come up in his pretend play until now.

Memories have an odd way of resurfacing though because Ro freaked me out the other day by telling me he was sick and then exactly mimicing everything I did when I had severe morning sickness back when I was pregnant with Simone. He went and got the "barf bowl" out of the kitchen took into the bathroom, pretended to enthusiastically retch into it, mimed pouring it in the toilet, and then rinsed out the bowl in the sink and washed his hands. Ro was about 2 1/2 when that was going on and now 18 months later he suddenly gives me a replay of it. It's so bizarre. No one has thrown up since I had morning sickness. I'm so afraid that Ro's first memory will be of me puking my guts out while he cried in terror and tried to drag me away from the "evil" bathroom. sigh.


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