Saturday, August 27, 2005

school days are coming

Ro starts preschool in 11 days. He is beside himself and he wishes it would start tomorrow. He got to try out a school bus at the museum yesterday. I may take him back again for another showing. We picked up a bus safety book and he doesn't seem to follow it at all.
Q: What do you do if your backpack falls under the bus?
Ro's Answer: Pick it up.
Us: Noooooooooooooo!!! Tell the driver!
Q: What do you do if your paper falls under the bus?
Ro's Answer: Go get it.
Us: Noooooooooo!!!! Tell the driver!
(Augh! - another thing to worry about. I may have to do my wagon in the street demos again but hurl his backpack under the car or something.)

Today, we picked out his backpack online and I ordered it. He went with a fairly plain blue Kelty Minnow. I was surprised because it wasn't fancy or even themed. I was skeptical of how much he'd like it if the other kids had something more themed so I showed him all kinds of other backpacks with aliens, firetrucks, turtles, mice and pigs on them. He really got into looking at them all but was still happy with blue. It was certainly the most practical and affordable, so I was pleased.

About an hour after we placed the order, my kitchen timer dinged and Ro thought it was mailman ringing our doorbell and delivering the backpack. He was sooooooo disappointed when he realized it wasn't. He's going to be pestering me about the backpack for the next week. I wish I'd paid for expedited shipping now.


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