Friday, September 02, 2005

equitable distribution of marshmallows

Sim seems to have a very strong sense of fairness. When she thinks she's been gypped, she'll let you know it -- loudly! Ro was a good boy and tried a new food so I give him positive reinforcement if he happens to try a new food on his plate. So, he got a treat from our treasure chest, which contains a variety of candy and toys. He chose a strawberry marshmallow candy. Sim came in just in time to see Roen picking out his candy and I quickly whisked the treasure chest away. She let out a piercing shriek and proceeded into full tantrum windup. Up until this point, I've just used the treasure chest just for Ro and I didn't want him to see me dole out candy for no reason. So, I quickly offered her tasty snacks - like chocolate chips, a chocolate candy bar, cookies, etc. She would have none of it and wouldn't stop screaming until I got her a marshmallow candy too. sheeeeeeez. I could just imagine her thinking I ate my dinner therefore I get a marshmallow thingy too. She wants to be treated just like Ro which is hard since she's one and he's four. It's just not possible sometimes. I didn't really expect her to demand equal treatment until she was at least two.

The funny thing is I think she likes chocolate better than marshmallow thingys but she wants them just because Ro thinks they're the best thing ever.


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