Saturday, September 03, 2005

getting ready for school

Ro's been wearing his new backpack a lot. He's still excited about school, which is a mere three days away now. His bus driver came by the house Friday to meet Ro and let him try out the bus. He was simultaneously thrilled and disappointed - excited to be getting on the bus and sad that it wasn't going anywhere. This is a common emotional state for Ro that kind of drives me nuts. I feel like he should be happy but he's not. He's sad or as he said, "I'm very upset." Then, he mopes around the house because he didn't get to go to school - even though he was thrilled about seeing the bus. sigh. I've noticed a lot of small children react similarly but it puzzles me.

We bought Ro's school clothes on Friday too. Ro actually enjoyed clothes shopping. He didn't care about the clothes but he loved the mannequins and the fact they were all headless. Daddy and Ro dashed about the store looking for the missing heads -- because they must be somewhere. I could hear him laughing all over the store as they searched for the stash of heads.

Ro has so much fun playing lately that he never wants to stop. The idea of having to stop worries him greatly, so he checks on the status of the sun throughout the day. When he sees it's seriously going down, he'll ask for "more sun." He's been doing this almost every evening even when he's so tired that he's yawning and every activity seems to cause tears. He's also started doing it with choices as well. I'll say, "Ro, you have two choices. You can have either nuggets or a grill cheese." He says, "No!!!! I want threeeeeee!" Then, he holds up three fingers meaning he wants another choice besides the two I gave him. He's getting cagey now that he's four.


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