Friday, October 28, 2005

new adventures for Spiderman

I think Ro could offer Marvel some new ideas on Spiderman. They're overlooking the more banal sort of things Spiderman could do. He's got this plastic Spiderman glider thingy that he enjoys playing with even though he has no clue who Spiderman is -- beyond a general superhero figure. Ro's Spiderman makes sure the hungry fish get fed. He also protects the little fish from the bad fish and goes on an arduous quest in search of a lost duckling, who he then returns to it's mother. He also helps a few ducklings having difficulty with swimming and finally gets stuck in a pipe. I can always visualize these stories as comic book frames and they give me a few snickers. I'm surpised they haven't tapped into Spiderman for the younger set. They already make a bloated version of Spiderman for toddlers/preschoolers but no stories for their level.


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