Tuesday, October 18, 2005

bees and teeth

I didn't think bee creatures were too active in October until Ro was stung by a yellowjacket two years ago around Halloween. Being outside has been making me nervous lately because Sim is fascinated with bees and I keep telling her to leave them alone. Before, they flew around pretty quickly and she couldn't really get one, but now that its cold, they're quite sluggish and very catchable even for a little tiker (16 months) like her. She likes to point at them and say Bee! and then she buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs. Yesterday, I turned around and Sim was standing there with a big bumble bee in her hand. I know bumblebees aren't especially agressive but they can still sting. I popped it out of her hand right quick. Today, she did the same thing again and also got off with no stings. lucky girl maybe she'll be a bee charmer.

We went to the doctor today for a checkup. Sim's teeth are coming in but they're not following the standard order. Some of her molars are several months early, while she's still missing one of her bottom front four, which should have been in months ago. The doctor said it may be a cyst preventing the tooth from forming or coming in. She may not get it at all ---- BUT it's TOO SOON to tell so I shouldn't worry. I wasn't the slightest bit worried about her teeth until he said that but now I am. thanks doctor. Hopefully, she'll be lucky in teeth too.


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