Thursday, October 13, 2005

knight in shining armor -- and other heros

Ro likes to be a pirate fighting off crocodiles or a knight fighting off dragons. Today, when he came home from school, he decided to be a knight in shining armor and that Simone needed to be one too. I like it when he tries to include Simone. It was so cute listening to him coax Simone to wield a stick like a sword and to climb up our front steps to be in the castle. I was the fire breathing dragon for awhile but eventually I got to be a knight too. I always wonder what our neighbors think when they look outside and see my kids chasing me with sticks. Also, Ro doesn't really get the armor thing. He frequently calls me Shining Armor or Mommy Armor if I'm a knight too.

Ro stopped Simone from walking into the street the other day and guided her back toward the house. After he handed her off to me, he said, "I'm a hero." and then wandered off to do something else. How he said it is what was really funny. It was a "ho hum I'm a hero yet again" sort of voice.

Ro really likes to be a helper or a hero. At the play ground, he runs around but he keeps an eye on all the babies at the same time. If he thinks a baby is in trouble, he dashes over to save it. Typically, the mother/father get there first but Ro has helped push kids up climbing tunnels and picked up babies who've tripped and fallen and helped babies walk over a bumpy bridge, etc. He's really picked up on the good citizen aspects of being a superhero, which is sweet.


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