Saturday, October 15, 2005

In the dog house

We got Ro a new loft bed recently, which he loves. However, it now takes him about an hour to fall asleep because the bed is just TOO MUCH FUN. Lately, he's been pretending to be a dog when he goes to bed. When I go back to check on him later, I find him asleep in his pillowcase, which just looks so odd. His pillow is still in the pillowcase too. He somehow works himself into the pillowcase feet down and curls up into a ball -- and falls asleep with just his head poking out of the case.

Ro also thinks you can build anything out of boxes. So, this morning he gets up and says, "Let's make a dog house!" I say, "What should we use to build a dog house?" Ro says, "Let's make it out of boxes!" After an hour or so of playing in the box dog house. Ro says, "Let's make a dog! Let's make a dog out of boxes!" I managed to avoid building a cardboard box dog today but I have a feeling I'd better come up with something tonight because I'm sure to hear about it again.


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