Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I love you biggest

I put Ro to bed last night but then heard him crying half an hour later, so I went to see what was wrong. He was sitting up in bed and crying and crying about how much he missed grandma. He also told me that grandma missed him and she was sitting as home crying and crying too. Sooo - I called grandma on the phone for her to say goodnight to Roen, which mollified him but only a little bit. I'm taking him over there today after school to spend the night. He's seen grandma weekly but he's had to share her with Simone. He's used to spending the night there once a week before school started and I guess he's just having withdrawl. After I told him the grandma plan, I gave him a hug goodnight and he said. "oh mommy I love you biggest."


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