Tuesday, November 01, 2005

halloween and all saints day

halloween, originally uploaded by skweerell.

We went out trick or treating tonight. Sim really got into collecting candy but mostly she was super determined to get inside everyone's house. Everyone's house!!! She was successful at one point and Daddy had to run in after her. She's very little and wriggly and would worm her way between me, Daddy, and Roey and squeeze through the door while the home owner was doling out the candy. It was really funny but got a little tiring when she did it at every house.

Roey had a great time being Brum. His costume came out pretty well. We spent quite a bit of time on it and he was very pleased with it which is what really counts. Most of the people we saw trick or treating wore really lame costumes -- or no costumes at all. We saw so many older kids with nothing. A lot of the people we saw handing out candy seemed pretty jaded on the whole thing as well. They thought Ro and Sim were cute. I think it's rude to trick or treat with no costume. It's so typical of our "something for nothing" culture. sigh.

Holidays are too short for Ro. So, he pretended today was Halloween again and dressed up as a witch, a bat, a mummy (I wrapped him in toilet paper), a book, a pumpkin, oscar the grouch, a trolley train, a ghost, a fire truck, and a pom-pom. How do you pretend to be a pom-pom? By making appropriate shh-shh-shh noises and jumping up and down and waggling your fingers of course. He has no idea what a cheerleader is but we do have some pom-poms both kids like to play with.

Ro also went trick-or-treating with his classmates during school. He and several other boys all dressed up as "princesses" out of their costume box. I would've liked to have seen that.


Blogger Christine said...

I hate to ask, as it really shows how new I am to this whole parenting thing...but who is Brumm?

11:13 AM  
Blogger skweerell said...

Brum is a superhero car, who helps out the citizens of Big Town. It's quite a cheesy show - British in origin but shown on the Discovery Kids channel. A friend records it for us. http://www.brum.tv

11:44 PM  
Blogger Elaine said...

Thanks for explaining Brum. Even before I knew who he was I thought he was adorable! Great job, Greta. Isn't it fun?

12:54 AM  

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